What We Do


As a volunteer Executive Board, you are doing too much!  You are spending your Residents' hard earned dollars on a management company, and it is time you received more for your money.   

Financial Statements/Budgets


The Board has access to the following financial statements each month that can be tailored to your specific need:  Profit/Loss, Budget vs. Actual, Balance Sheet, General Ledger and Bank Statements.  EAM also drafts annual budgets for the Board's review.

Unit Owner Payments


We collect Unit Owner payments and help decrease delinquencies by offering simple online payments options: automatic direct debit, E-check, credit card, and bank bill payments.  When timely payment is not received, we include demand letters from our preferred law firm for free.

Vendor Services


We coordinate all vendor services - we seek competitive bids for Board approval and address Unit Owner concerns regarding mowing, landscaping, snow removal, maintenance, etc.



We have preferred relationships with all trades and can handle your Association maintenance needs in-house, whether it be a missing shingle or complete roof replacement.  Our buying power drives down your Association's cost!

Meeting Attendance


We attend Board Meetings and Annual Meetings to provide guidance to the Board and lend strategic advice based on our experience.